During the 2020 pandemic, I launched my own print business and simultaneously dove headfirst into freelance design. Within just a year, my boutique studio not only became profitable but also secured a roster of esteemed clients, including Fanduel, Port of Leith Distillery, The Basement, and Desana.io. My journey also led me to design for a diverse range of companies, from start-ups to giants, across various projects from web design to packaging and merchandising, notably collaborating with Thingdoms x VaynerSportsPass and Carson Gray Jewels.

In an exciting turn of events, I relocated to the United States from the UK in November 2023, embarking on a new chapter with my soulmate. Since the move, navigating the intricacies of the immigration process has paused my professional pursuits, offering me a valuable interlude to hone my design skills further after earning my associate's degree in UX Design from GCU in January 2023.

My career journey may not include traditional agency or in-house roles, but it's been rich with experiences that have sharpened both my technical abilities and interpersonal skills. I excel in engaging with stakeholders, backing my creative choices with confidence, yet I remain receptive to feedback and adaptable to the constraints within which businesses operate.While my website showcases my expertise in UX and product design, I invite you to explore my Dribbble profile for a broader view of my work.

Beyond my professional life, I immerse myself in music with my band, Hills to Height, indulge in photography, and enjoy countless reruns of Brooklyn 99—I'm on a quest to memorise every line or until the humour fades. And while I've adapted to many things stateside, I remain a fervent football enthusiast, and I’ll never call it 'soccer'. I like football too though, and I’m a proud Cincinatti Bengals fan by proxy of my wife - “Who Dey!”.


Freelance Designer
2017 - Present

Stretch Bros Press
2020 - Present


Edinburgh Napier University
Graphic Design

Glasgow Caledonian University
User Experience Design, AS

City of Glasgow
Fine Arts, HNC

Awards & Certs

NFT.NYC 2023
Displayed Artist

Webflow 101

Semrush SEO Principles


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Robbie Broome is a product designer based in New York City, passionate about the intersection of brand and usability.
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Robbie Broome is a product designer based in New York City, passionate about the intersection of brand and usability.
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